Why Give?

  • While the Province provides funding for operations of St. Joseph’s Hospital, other than rare occasions, there is no provincial funding for capital purchases, making the replacement of major equipment very difficult. Even more difficult is the task to replace equipment necessary on a day to day basis due to wear and tear and breakdown. As technology changes, new equipment is mandatory to keep up with the changing world of medicine. This is where the foundation comes in. The Hospital Foundation exists to fund the capital purchases that the Hospital needs on a daily basis as well as the major requirements necessary to bring new services to our community.  For virtually all capital purchase the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is the sole source of funding for the Hospital.

  • The Executive Director of the Hospital meets with the managers of each department within the hospital. Collaboratively, they work as a team to put together a list of equipment and repairs that are needed; the Capital Equipment “Wish List” This list is then prioritized and presented to the Foundation Board of Directors. With the Executive Directors recommendations, the Board of the Hospital’s Foundation decides where the money is most needed.

  • This “wish list” is open to the public to see. Therefore, there are two ways to donate. A donor can either make a tax deductible contribution and leave it in the hands of the Foundation to decide what project that their money will towards, or they can choose something off of the wish list that they feel their funds should either purchase outright, or go towards.  

  • As you can see, the Saint Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is a vital support line for the Hospital!

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