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A Lasting Legacy at St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation has received a large donation from a very generous couple. The late Tom and Irma Trofimenkoff, long-time residents of Estevan, have left a large legacy gift, which will be directed towards a few different areas of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The Trofimenkoff’s were very familiar faces at the local hospital. They were regulars at the cafeteria, appearing daily for lunch or coffee and a visit with staff and other visitors. They were also major donors throughout their lives, stopping by the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation Office with donations 1-2 times per year. They were friendly, generous and very passionate about local health care right here at home.

Tom and Irma passed away in 2020, leaving a legacy that will be remembered greatly within the walls of St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Through the Trofimenkoff’s estate, a large donation was designated to St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. The family wishes to keep the amount private, but the donation will make a great impact at the hospital.

St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is looking forward to making many upgrades within St. Joseph’s Hospital to truly remember Tom and Irma. Reflecting on who they were as people and as supporters of local health care.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the Trofimenkoffs. They were a huge part of our hospital community and so we want to be able to celebrate their legacies in a big way. The first thing that came to our minds when thinking about Tom and Irma, was the daily visits they had at the hospital cafeteria. To commemorate their generosity, we have decided to name the Cafeteria at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tom & Irma’s Café and will be renovating the main area as a celebration of their legacies and generosity,” said Breanne Van De Woestyne, Executive Director at St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation.

The cafeteria will see cosmetic renovations that will upgrade the space and modernize the overall atmosphere. “One thing that really stuck out to us when we had visits with Tom & Irma were the many stories they had about all of the places they had seen around the world. They were so excited to talk about it. We wanted to involve those travels in the cafeteria upgrades to really show visitors and staff who they were and the things they had done throughout their lives, “says Van De Woestyne.

Tom and Irma had visited over 54 different countries together, dedicating a large part of their lives exploring the world. The cafeteria renovations will include a feature wall outlining the couple’s lives and the many countries they had visited around the world. The wall will feature a map, list of all of travel destinations, and some photos of the couple while on their travels.

“Tom and lrma are leaving a lasting legacy to heath care with the donation to the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation”, said Harvey Schindel, Tom and Irma’s nephew.

The Trofimenkoff Estate will also assist in major upgrades to the Long Term Special Care Home with a large portion of the donation designated as per the request of the Estate. This will allow upgrades to resident’s rooms with new windows, paint and more. “This will help us and the hospital to continue to upgrade and renovate the remainder of the resident rooms in Long Term Care. This will be a great addition for the residents and make a huge difference at the special care home,” said Van De Woestyne

Construction is planned to take place this year, pending COVID restrictions at the hospital.

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