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Our mission is to support the developments of St. Joseph’s Hospital
services, expansion of facilities and purchasing new equipment through fundraising.

What we do.

The Principal purpose of the Foundation is to assist St. Joseph’s Hospital to advance the welfare and good of the citizens it serves by:

  • Maintaining a strong feeling of goodwill towards St. Joseph’s Hospital

  • Raising funds for the purpose of St. Joseph’s Hospital through obtaining donations, grants and gifts, and such other means as the Foundation shall from time to time consider advisable; and in doing so exercise any powers set forth in the Non-Profit Corporations Act in compliance with relevant provincial and federal laws

  • The development of Health Care in the Southeast Health Region

While the province provides funding for operations at the St. Joseph’s Hospital, other than on rare occasions, there is very little funding for capital purchases, physician recruitment and building maintenance. This makes these tasks very difficult. As technology changes, new equipment is mandatory to keep up with the changing world of medicine. While it is the foundation’s mandate to fund the above mentioned, the St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is funded 100% by public donations. The impact your donation has on healthcare is immeasurable, and leads us down the road to a successful future.

What we support.


Upgrading existing equipment and purchasing new equipment to adapt the growing needs of our patients.


Helping to bring in new doctors to our community and ensuring their long-term success in their practices.


As our hospital nears 30 years old, we continue to upgrade rooms and better the facility to carry it through the future.

Our impact.

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, it’s been a successful year for St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation. Together, we continue to make great strides in helping our hospital offer the best care possible for Southeast Saskatchewan.


We are so grateful for the incredible support that we receive each and every year. St. Joseph’s Hospital is a place that we all associate ourselves with in some way. Our generous donors play a huge part in allowing our community to receive the best medical care possible, right here at home.


This past year, we were able to support our hospital with large equipment purchases and expansion of services, which allowed upgrades in multiple departments at St. Joseph’s Hospital. This is all thanks to you and just shows how strong our community truly is.


At the end of the day, St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation is a true example of community. It is all of us, coming together to support something that we all value and that’s local healthcare.


We wanted to show you, our supporters, just how your contributions have been used to allow our hospital to continue to offer high quality healthcare for all of us so close to home. It is truly incredible how much we can do when we all come together.


Thank you for making this year so great for both us and our hospital!


Who we are.


Executive Director: Lori Gervais


Board of Directors:

John Billesberger
Roy Ludwig
Bridget Bittman
Kelly Lafrentz
Kevin Daoust
Robert Adams
Wanda Michel
Pius Loustel
Richard Tessier
Dwight Monteyne
Don Kindopp
Joe Vilcu
Diane Fornwald

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