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Other Ways To Donate

  • Mail in your donation to us at
    St. Joseph's Hospital Foundation
    1176 Nicholson Road
    Estevan SK, S4A 0H3

  • Drop off a cheque at our office located at St. Joseph's Hospital (located beside the Long Term Care Entrance) or at the front desk of the hospital.

  • Send an etransfer to Leave your name, address and phone number in the memo.

  • Pay by debit or credit at our office or over the phone by calling (306) 637-2474.

Once your donation is complete, you will receive an official charitable donation tax receipt.

MRI for Estevan Campaign

Project Objectives:

The objective of this St. Joseph’s Hospital Estevan MRI Project is to increase access to MRI services for patients in the South East and across the entire Province of Saskatchewan. This project aligns closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s Strategic Priority to provide  seamless care as close to home as possible, and to improve health outcomes and to deliver improved patient flow in Saskatchewan. This Estevan MRI project will reduce patient and family transportation and transport for services. With the growing demand for MRI services over the past several years, this project will result in improved patient wait times for MRI services for all areas of the province by freeing up MRI appointment in other areas of the province.


This St. Joseph’s Hospital Estevan MRI project scope includes a 1.5T MRI system to be installed

into a Modular MRI cassette building which will be attached to the St. Joseph’s Hospital in

Estevan. This project includes an additional modular building and renovation to the existing St.Joseph’s Hospital which will allow for safety zones to ensure compliance with the requirements of Diagnostic Accreditation Programs safety guidelines.

Why It‘s Needed:

Currently, there is a significant gap in MRI facilities within the Saskatchewan South East Health Networks, resulting in approximately 1,650 patients per year needing to travel a minimum of 200 kilometers for MRI services. This highlights the pressing need for an MRI facility in the region to improve accessibility and reduce travel burdens for patients.

We Need Your Help

Financial support from community partners and stakeholders is crucial for the successful establishment of the MRI facility at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Estevan. Community partners and stakeholders play a vital role in ensuring that essential healthcare services, such as MRI imaging, are accessible to residents in the South East Health Networks. Their financial contributions not only demonstrate a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for the community but also help bridge funding gaps, cover capital equipment costs, and support ongoing operational expenses. By rallying support from community partners and stakeholders, we can work together to address the pressing need for MRI services in the region and enhance healthcare access for all residents.

  • How did the MRI project at St. Joseph's Hospital begin?
    The project began with community support to bring MRI services to Estevan, benefiting Southeastern Saskatchewan. A proposal was submitted to the government in December 2023 for the March 2024 provincial budget.
  • What are the historical and projected MRI volumes for patients from Estevan?
    Historical and projected MRI volumes show a steady increase from 1,728 in 2020/21 to a forecast of 1,853 in 2025/26.
  • How does the MRI volume/population at Estevan compare to other sites?
    Estevan, with a population of 10,851 in the catchment area, had 1,601 MRI out-migrations in 2022/23, indicating a need for local MRI services to reduce travel and wait times.
  • What are the current MRI wait times in Saskatchewan?
    In the first quarter of 2023-24, the 90th percentile wait time for MRIs was 246 days, an increase from the previous quarter, showing a growing need for enhanced MRI access.
  • What are the estimated costs for the MRI equipment and related renovations at St. Joseph's Hospital?
    The total capital equipment costs, including taxes, are estimated at $2,147,695, while building and renovation costs total $3,883,997. Staff training and startup expenditures are estimated at $235,000, making the total project cost $6,266,692.
  • What is the scope of the MRI project at St. Joseph's Hospital?
    The project includes installing a 1.5T MRI system in a modular MRI cassette building attached to the hospital, ensuring compliance with safety guidelines and enhancing staff efficiencies.
  • What are the key risks associated with the MRI project, and how will they be managed?
    Risks include managing the approved scope, budget, and timeline. These will be mitigated through established project management processes, consultation with user groups, and ensuring industry-accepted contractual documentation.
  • What are the next steps for the MRI project at St. Joseph's Hospital?
    Key steps include government approval in the March 20th, 2024 budget announcement, launching a fundraising campaign, and completing the RFP/tendering process. Site renovations and equipment installation are planned for July 2024 to December 2025, with staff training to follow.
  • How will the MRI project improve healthcare services in the region?
    The MRI project will increase access to MRI services in South East Saskatchewan, reduce patient wait times, and decrease the need for patients to travel long distances for MRI services, thereby improving overall healthcare outcomes.


Have questions? We are happy to answer them. Email us at or call our office at (306) 637-2474.

MRI Donation Tiers of Recognition

In celebration of this major campaign, we will have a new donor wall to specifically recognize the supporters of bringing an MRI to Estevan.The donor wall will display tiers of appreciation, recognizing the generosity of our supporters. Each tier represents a level of commitment to improving healthcare accessibility in Southeast Saskatchewan. Every donation is a vital step toward bringing essential MRI services closer to our community.

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