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Supporting a Cause Close to Home

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

The Addictions Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital received a big gesture from Tracey Grube and a group of very generous kids this past week. Grube, head of a functional fitness club in Estevan has a long history of addiction in her family. With the new Addiction Recovery Centre opening at St. Joseph’s Hospital, a spark of passion to help the local centre was created and she decided to share her story with her group of 11-15 year old kids at her fitness club. “Our sons have both battled addiction and if it wasn’t for treatment centres our story may have turned out a bit differently,” said Grube. Tracey’s two sons are now both sober. Tracey’s family had to travel to B.C. for treatment, but wants the community to know the importance of now being able to have treatment available right here at home. She wanted to reach out and help our local centre in some way now that it has opened its doors. Tracey had talked to the parents of the kids in the functional fitness club about her story and how she wanted the kids to get involved in supporting the new treatment centre. They all agreed that it would be a great idea to share Tracey’s experience with the club to not only educate the young kids, but to also teach them that confidence in themselves is vital in making good choices as they grow up. “As we listened to our son through his journey, the one common denominator was always confidence in himself. We wanted to make sure that the kids know this as they become teenagers”, said Grube. “Sharing our story with the kids really connected with them as they heard it from someone they knew. Addiction truly hits close to home for everyone.” After talking with the kids about her experience, Tracey mentioned that she wanted to show support of the new Addiction Recovery Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital. She pledged a $300 donation and told the kids that they should also do something as a club to show their support. Little did Tracey know the affect that sharing her story had on these young kids. At the next club meeting, the kids showed up with their own donations totaling over $1,300 and wanted to help even more. They decided to use some of the donations to purchase over $500 worth of winter coats, toques, mitts and more for the patients in the treatment centre. “Taking them to the store and seeing how much they truly cared was incredible. Just knowing a teenager took time out of their day to help. This means more than they will ever know,” said Grube. The addiction process has truly affected the Grube family. “If it can happen to us, it can happen to anyone. Addiction is something that affects everyone in some way. It is a never-ending battle, but we just need to keep pushing through it.” A couple of weeks have passed since the funds were raised and Tracey can already see a difference in her club. “We are already seeing changes in the kids with their confidence and we know this is important to help them as they continue to grow into young adults.” said Grube. The Addiction Recovery Centre at St. Joseph’s Hospital Foundation officially opened its doors this fall. The Centre treats all addictions, with a focus on crystal meth.

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